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Gold farming has Venezuelans targeted in Runescape Options
Posted: Wednesday, March 27, 2019 10:44:08 PM
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Let's face it... dumb clicking to level some abilities to 99 was bad enough but if you wanted it all then that's exactly what you did. Besides getting some items to show off such as capes and RS gold the like... names... yada-yada-yada... being around the top page of the hi-scores table... or about the individual skills tables meant you're"the best" and should be worshipped. Or be highly thought of.

Adults understood it was only hours of your real life invested in a match clicking away ad nauseam. Anyone recall Zezima worship? I sure as hell do and I still hate that man's name after all these years! OMG occasions three!! Get a life nooblets!

The purpose is that in many ways a number of the abilities became useless once you reached a certain level though I will concede Jagex made some type of attempt to change this over time with fresh content. The idea was to make them fun again or for there to be a point. Observation: a great deal of that content was pointless or downright stupid!

Oops! So much for modification. Whatever the case, simply because there's new content doesn't mean it will be fun or worthwhile in even a small measure. Additionally, it may only be installed for uber quick leveling up so that all the crybabies will be pacified. Believe Divination skill here... and the principal mini-game made for leveling.

All it was there to do was to allow individuals to achieve a 99 ASAP. I need to ask the question... what was the purpose? Was there ever a point? Not actually... and folks wonder why so many players hang onto and desire for the day when Jagex would knock away the shenanigans and go back to RS ahead of the quacked era started... which was right around the time of Construction. The game was actually FUN back then aside from cheaters using bots.

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