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Let's go show shopping
While shopping for dress shoes and sandals can be fun, shopping for sneakers is more often confusing. But thes

The TV ads for at-home exercise machines sound so good: Break a sweat for only 20 minutes a day and you'll melt away pounds. The reality is that you may have just bought a very expensive clothes hanger. "Those ads don't tell you that certain types of home-gym equipment are better for certain types of people," says Henry Rivera, a certified personal trainer for more than 11 years and a corrective exercise specialist for Peak Performance in New York City. To avoid defeating your fitness goals even before you step on a new workout machine, check out Rivera's take on five popular kinds of at-home exercise equipment:


Marvalous taste
great to try.
Rated & reviewed by Yawer on 2/13/2009 5:54:35 PM
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